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As you know, Dushka comes from Odesa, Ukraine's wonderful sandy beaches. 🇺🇦

The current state of war has paralyzed most businesses, including the production of Dushka cosmetics. Fortunately, we have been replenishing our inventory in recent weeks. One shipment of goods is unfortunately trapped in Ukraine, but the hope is that this car will be able to move at some point.

We are in constant contact with Dushka's parent company and try to support them as much as possible. Whatever the outcome of the war, the Ukrainian market needs money and resources to work again. Dushka is also facing difficult times, because, after the war, cosmetics are certainly not among the products in which Ukrainians will invest money, so now Dushka is very dependent on its partners outside Ukraine - also in Estonia.🇪🇪

Therefore, dear customer, each of your orders reduces our stock and creates the possibility that we need new products and this, in turn, gives work and money to the Dushka factory. This, in turn, provides taxes and opportunities for the Ukrainian state.

We have decided to raise additional money to support the Dushka plant, so we will donate 20% of each of your purchases to Dushka's parent company.

We would like to thank all our customers and people who support us with all our hearts! If you want to see our products, click here.

Together we are stronger!

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